My Dog And His Ball

At the moment, we have about a foot of snow in our back yard. As much as my dog loves the snow (being a Husky cross), he loves his ball more. This means that he still insists on having someone throw it for him, regardless of the weather.

In the sun, this is fine. In the rain it's not really fun, but still possible. In the wind, you have to be careful how close to the fence you throw it.

In the snow, you need some kind of infra-red-snow-magic tracking device, or an unusually high tolerance to the sound of madly barking dog.

With EVERY throw, the ball disappears into the depths of the snow. If he sees where it goes (if), he will run to its point of entry and start burrowing like a groundhog. Sometimes he actually finds it.

Most of the time, however, his snow covered head pops up for air, and he looks quizzically at you, waiting for YOU to get down in the snow to root around and find HIS ball.


I may have said this before but I'll say it again - he's lucky we love him!!
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