How Often Do You Change Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries?

I was in the kitchen today and out of nowhere heard a familiar chirp... the sound of my carbon monoxide battery indicator. Naturally I had to test and retest and open all my windows and... you get the picture. Omg, it's making a sound, it must mean impending doom.

When I took the detectors (I have two) off the wall, I discovered a post-it note I'd tacked underneath that said the last time I'd installed fresh batteries was December 1, 2007. So I dutifully changed the batteries and updated the post-it.

I'm more aware of carbon monoxide these days, since our furnace is old but our windows are brand new (ironically enough we may have been safer with old drafty windows, lol). My husband wants new couches, but I think our next purchase will be a new furnace.

Meanwhile, at least my alarms have fresh batteries...
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