I'm still here!!

When I created this blog I thought it would be the most frequently updated, because of it's open content. "Anything goes" so to speak, but apparently not as often as I had thought.

And now as I write this, I hear the kids getting a little too active (i.e. house destroying) for my liking, so I better go do some parenting...


David Cook

I know I'm a few days late but YAY David Cook!! I wasn't expecting him to win American Idol - I thought David Archuleta would win simply because the audience response always seemed to favour him. David Cook was my favourite though, and had been since he performed "Billy Jean".

I've been taping the show since the second season (watching since the first but that was pre-kids, so no taping necessary) and up until that performance had never rewound a performance. I rewound that one about five times, saved it and made my husband listen, and logged onto iTunes and ALMOST purchased it. That's pretty high praise for me.

Anyway, in my books the right David won.


OCD and Me!

...and Oprah. For those of you who didn't watch this episode, it involved Dr. Oz liaising with another doc who used "exposure therapy" which basically entails embracing what you're afraid of, I guess in the hope that you can be desensitized to it (I don't think afraid-of-flying-me boarding a plane to Vegas recently counts 'cause I had to drink wine to get through it ;-)

This doc took things a little far, though - as far as having those poor germ conscious folk touch the inside of a dumpster and then lick their hands.

(How many of you are with me when I say that not wanting to do this is NOT OCD, but just good plain common sense??)

I'm sure I have some degree of OCD. A friend once tried to convince me that I'm paranoid, and I vehemently disagreed (planes DO crash sometimes, after all). What IF I left the house unlocked? Doesn't it make sense just to double check the lock before you leave? If I ever left the coffee pot turned on I could burn the house down, so I don't think it's unreasonable to double check that either.

I will admit, though, that my need to carry ALL my stuff and not let anyone help me is a little... uh... off the beaten path. Not that I have control issues or anything ;-)


YEAH baby!!!!!

Wahoo!!! Here's a silver lining to having to leave the kids for four days: the weather forecast!! (It's maybe 11 or 12 degrees here). I'm going to have to pack some summer clothes!!! Weeeeee!!!!

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