Dr. Oz's Anti-Aging Wine In The Blue Zones

Ok, Dr. Oz, I heard ya say it was mostly the alcohol and not the grapes that has the anti-aging effect in wine!! (I knew I liked Dr. Oz ;-)

Oprah then said something like "so then you could have a shot of vodka every day instead?" (I paraphrase - I can't recall what her exact wording was).

I like wine - don't get me wrong. I prefer white or zin to red though, and was always under the impression that the health benefits were from the grape skins (hence the red colour in red wine). According to Dr. Oz, though, the alcohol is a significant part of the benefit (provided it's not drank in excess of course).

Hmmm. Does that mean I can keep putting Bailey's in my coffee? Heh heh

Here's an exerpt from the episode recap on www.oprah.com:

Dr. Oz says 90 percent of the benefit of wine is because of its alcohol. The other 10 percent is because it's got an antioxidant called resveratrol.

But the real benefits of drinking wine—red or white—aren't nutritional. "Wine happens at 5 at night when you get together with your friends. It happens with your family. And it's as much the ritual and doing it a little bit every day," Dan says. "They say people who drink two glasses of wine a day outlive those people who don't drink any. But you can't save up and drink 14 on Saturday.

Sounds good to me ;-)
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I'll drink to that

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