When Will We Have Snow?

That is SO not fair: http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/caon0512

(When I copied and pasted that link, it was -2C with snow in Ottawa. I have family there. But who knows what it will say when you click on it 'cause it'll change with the current conditions.)

I love snow!!!!!!!!! When will we get ours?? When when?? Today??? Pleeeeease????


On the bright side, at least we've had the most gorgeous sunshine here on the west coast :-) That and the beautiful big yellow leaves everywhere has made it nice to be outside. Still, every time our temperature dips to close to zero, it's such a tease...


The First Day Of Winter

The first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere is the day that the sun is farthest south, which is usually December 21st or 22nd (aka Winter Solstice).

I just thought I'd look that up (gotta love the net).

I don't know why this surprises me... isn't it the same every year? Should I find it odd that the first day of winter is so close to Christmas? (My husband would say that I'm odd). Yes, he has quite the sense of humour.

Light bulb moment: maybe that's why I'm a last minute Christmas shopper!!!! My internal shopping clock is set to buy Christmas things only after the first day of winter!!!

Phew, I'm glad I figured that out. Here I was thinking I'm unorganized, or something...


Candy Is Dandy, But Coffee Is Quicker

I read an interesting article in the Vancouver Sun this morning. (I can't seem to link to it though - the only on-line version I can find looks like it's in Russian or something? Oops.)

Anyway, the gist of it was that people who are holding a warm beverage are more likely to warm up to a perfect stranger than if they are holding an iced beverage.

A study published in the journal Science showed that physical properties such as temperature can affect emotional reactions. They even go as far as to suggest that shoppers who want to resist impulse purchases brought on by pushy sales people could carry an icy can of pop in their pockets.

Hmmm! So if you suspect that someone wants something from you, and they bring you an nice hot cup of java, it may be better to leave it on the table rather than holding it in your hands...


Sleep Deprivation

Taking the kids to the park today... enjoying the walk, the fresh air and the scenery... admiring some new houses just built along the way... when all of a sudden...


I see a house with headstones in the front yard. (omg, really??) Now I know we live in a multicultural society, but burying people in your yard? For real?

(seriously. how sleep deprived am I.)

It wasn't until I saw the headstone marked "Elvis" that I finally clued in...
Halloween is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mwah ha ha ha
(ok you can stop laughing at me now)


Googling Is Good For Your Brain

Alright!!! Sheesh it's about time... a good excuse to blog!! It's keeping my brain fit :-) lol


Key Words Search

Here's a neat tool that I've been using:


It's a real-time listing of what people are typing into Internet search engines. Very handy if you're looking for searchable key words to include in your blog title or post to increase your traffic...


Itsy Bitsy Spider.... Part 2

Ooohh!!!! It's still down there I just know it!!!! I can't avoid my office any longer 'cause I have some Christmas presents that I have to hide. Which means not only do I have to go in there, I also have to move stuff around, too!!!


Itsy Giant Spider...

...in my office!!!! BLECH. You know, those "wolf" ones that look like they could carry away your chair?

I can't squish them... they're just too big, and uh, easy to feel through the paper towel. I have to immobilize them first, then remove them. Last time it was a huge SPLOSH of hand cream, and a large zip lock freezer bag.

This time, however, the little monster was to fast, and scooted out of the way of the hand cream. It darted back behind my filing cabinet, and now there's a big blob of hand lotion soaking into the laminate ('sokay 'cause it's cheap stuff) because I'm too jumpy to get near it to clean it up, in case Stupid Head comes back out.


Luckily for me I have a wireless router and a laptop, so I'm upstairs in the living room instead of being at my desk. I will have to go back down there eventually though. Hmmm. Maybe if I bring a blow torch with me it'd be ok ;-)


Ok, Bring On The Snow

I don`t like the in between, wanna be something but it`s not, stuff.

It`s 3C at the moment (37.4 degrees Fahrenheit), so if I have to put on mittens and a toque anyway, give me snow!!!

Don`t tease me like this, then revert back to 11-13 ish C (53 ish F) next week. I want either sunglasses and shorts weather, or take the kids to school on a sled weather!!!

(So there ;-)



...now it's worth $0.11 more. Glad I didn't sell ;-)

Gas Rip Off-I Mean Prices

So.... why again, is it, that gas has fallen to below a dollar a litre back east but it's still close to $1.30 here in BC?



A Question About The U.S. Dollar

OK everyone... I need your input!!

I have a wee bit of U.S. stashed (not that much... sigh) and I want to sell it when the exchange rates will give me the most profit. At the moment the greenback is worth about $0.09 more than our loonie.

Yesterday it was worth $0.10 more, which makes me think I should sell now because maybe it's sliding? Dunno. Any thoughts?

There are certain things I understand, like dollar cost averaging, for example. I intend to continue with our mutual fund purchases through this market slump.

However the factors which influence the dollar are not something I'm up on. Help!!! Anyone have any ideas where it's going? Up? Down?

Thanks :-)


Dreary Fall...

...is here!!

We had the strangest September here. It's as if the last half of August (which was dismal) and September swapped weather. Up until the day before yesterday, it felt as though it was still full blown summer.

Now it's cooling down a bit... it rained today and yesterday... and I can't wait for frosty mitten weather!!

I've had enough of the heat. I want to be on "snow watch" again - you know, when you're at home and it's one of those grey days, and you glance out the window to see little powdery flakes floating down from the sky? Oh hurry up!!! Bring it on!!!

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