7 Benefits To Being Snowbound

1) Being forced to make homemade bread.

2) Less laundry - housebound kids stay in jammies all day.

3) The snow insulates your roof.

4) Having to live on leftover Christmas chocolate because you've run out of apples and bananas.

5) Having to use Bailey's in your coffee because there's no cream left.

6) The mess of scattered toys in your yard is hidden under the snow.

7) The kids make such a mess in the house that you CAN'T vacuum ;-)

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Carol Browne said...

RE: laundry...me too! I've done all the laundry because I'm in the house all the darn day! That never happens, both 100% finished laundry AND being at home constantly.

Drowsey Monkey said...

LOL - all excellent reasons!

My goodness, how many blogs do you have? I just realized you have a lot! LOL

JEANNE said...

My favourite is #5 (Baileys), but the living off chocolate is a close second!!!

Yeah, I think I have too many blogs to be able to post on them all daily, but it's still fun :-)

Rusty Southwick said...

I like the Anything & Everything concept. It leaves the door wide open. You never know what you'll see here.

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