Making A Dog Bed

I'm sensing a theme here (woof ;-)

So we bought our pup a dog bed. We bought it from one of those large chain pet supply stores (love going in them, but my Visa doesn't!!). Our dog is a large breed - he's a shepherd cross and is about 75 pounds and is 27 inches at the shoulder, so we bought him a large bed.

It cost $100.00.

It is, basically, a large piece of foam with a giant zippered cover. The cover is very durable, and is covered on one side with faux fur for additional comfort. But still.... a hundred bucks? Really??

Hmmmm. If I had a sewing machine....

You could go to any fabric store, I'm sure, and get a tough nylon sort of fabric, and a zipper long enough for one side. Then all you'd have to do is make it into a giant pillow case and fill it.

Foam is only one option for filler - you could even save Styrofoam and use that instead (tip - make a second bag to go inside to hold the Styrofoam - this one can be less durable fabric - so that when the cover gets dirty and needs washing it's easy to remove the filling).

I wish I'd thought of this idea before Hubby went to the pet store with his MasterCard ;-)

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DogLover said...

Getting a good Dog Bed is one of the most important things you can do for your dog.

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