Dog Training That Works

More on the subject of dogs... not only have I been witness to the construction of the best dog fence ever (yay Dad!!), but I've also dealt with pretty darn good trainers as well.

Our current dog had aggression issues towards other dogs, which made him hard to walk. We enlisted the aid of Custom Canine, and learned some really neat tricks as to how to get through to our pup.

Their training is completely non-aggressive and psychology based (for instance, they don't use choker collars). They focus on speaking the language of the dog - as in, understanding what motivates certain behaviour and creating different motivation.

For example, let's say your dog is pulling on a leash. Other training methods would advocate yanking on a choke collar to curb this behaviour.

Custom Canine, on the other hand, considers the dog's motivation for pulling: he wants to go!! So what do you do? You stop. (Or more specifically, you take the dog by the collar and turn around in a circle and then stop.) Once the dog has stopped pulling (allowing the leash to be slack) then you start walking again. If the dog starts to pull again, you stop.

The dog will eventually figure out that if he is to get anywhere, he mustn't pull on the leash.

There are many many similar tips and tricks such as this that they teach, and believe me, they work. A simple way to sum up their method of dog training is that it's not dog training so much as it is owner training ;-)

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Drowsey Monkey said...

That sounds like a much better way of training. It's like they understand the dog's behaviour.

I think most dog training is really human training anyway, LOL.

JEANNE said...

Yeah - we're the ones that need it, lol. I really like this company because their approach is so humane.

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