Ooh!! Some cat ads!!! That only took three days... lol, good to know (not sure why, but what the heck ;-)



LOL Still running the MB ads I see. This is a good test of the crawler time frame. I love cats... cats are cute...

Another Day In The Blog Of... (cats)

Isn't AdSense fun. I'm still waiting to reach the minimum payout level so I can actually collect some money.

I'm impressed, to be honest, at how easy it is to use. I haven't had any real complaints. It's not their fault, after all, that my blogs don't generate that much traffic yet.

I'm also impressed with how well their crawler (is that what it's called?) scans my sites for relevant content with which to populate the ads. Hmmm. I wonder what this post will generate. Hey, let's test it out:

Cats, cats (meow), I love cats. My sister is cat sitting a pregnant cat. She might even adopt a baby cat (I know they're called kittens but I don't want to confuse the crawler. Is that actually what it's called?). I have two cats. One that claws the furniture (OK well they both do that) and the other one who does a fine job of killing spiders.

Enough about cats? OK, let's check the (cats) ads...


Bye Bye Bullet...

So our new Magic Bullet bit the dust. Of course it was me who was using it, so I get the fun poked at me.

I really don't think it was my fault. I was making a smoothie with milk, banana slices, and some chunks of VERY soft pear (it was delicious, btw), and all of a sudden during the blending process, it just quit. I tried every imaginable fix, including changing blades, changing electrical outlets, etc. etc., but it simply no longer works.

We bought it at Costco, which is at least one thing in our favour. I looked high and low (and everywhere in between!!) for the receipt but to no avail. To truly understand the irony in this you have to know that I keep EVERY receipt that comes into our house. I might need to start an anti-hoarding blog. The one time I actually need one of the silly things, and it's nowhere to be found. To add further insult to injury, my hubby's cigarettes receipt, also from the same day at Costco, is sitting right there on top of the black bookshelf.

"Neener neener neeeeeener!!! I'm from stinky cigarettes!!! You'll never need me for anything!!! Here I am right here!!!!"


Anyway, back to the "thing in our favour". It turns out that if you have all the original packaging (which we do, thanks to hoarder me!!) you don't need the receipt at Costco, 'cause they can scan the bar code.

I love that place....


Still Customizing This Layout

I'm still trying to figure out the best layout for my blogs. I used one Blogger template for awhile, and now I've switched to another (actually I've used about 3 or 4 ;-) What I'm looking for this time is content that stretches the entire width of the page, although I still can't customize it the way I want it without tinkering with the HTML.

Oh well... I'll get to that when I get it it...


Awesome Coffee :-)

Ha! I KNEW it. Coffee IS good for you.

According to this latest study, coffee can reduce death rates in healthy people. The effect appears to be the same for decaf as well, so there is something else in the coffee that is providing the benefit and counteracting the negative effects of too much caffeine.

Now I realize that a newer study will come out soon that will say the opposite, but since I am a fan of coffee, I'm happy about this latest twist on conventional wisdom. Works for me.

That's all for now... I'm off to grind some beans...


Is Friday the 13th Actually Safer?

According to Dutch statistics it is. I don't know about you, but it makes sense to me.

It's pretty amusing when you think about it. Did the combination of "Friday" and "13" ever pose any real tangible danger to begin with? Instead it serves as a reminder to everyone out there that there's no harm in being careful. What the heck - might as well look both ways before crossing the street.

I can draw a parallel between this and my own general anxiety. I don't think I'm worry-ridden enough to actually be labeled as "GAD", but I have been told by many that I'm, uh, paranoid. So I guess that means that for me, every day is Friday the 13th.

Interesting... so then, logic would suggest that I'm safer than the average person EVERY day. Ha!! I knew it. Paranoia is a GOOD thing ;-)


What My Blog Is Worth

Here's something fun I tried, which I found on http://www.johnchow.com/ :

How much money is your blog worth?

It's a short survey you can take to see what your blog is worth. I'm quite certain I answered some of the questions wrong (I was guessing at some of them) because it says that my blog is worth $2,202,920.

(echos of maniacal laughter)

Wahooo... if it's not currently accurate, then let it be a near future projection ;-)


The Magic Bullet

My husband bought one of those Magic Bullets. Now he's blending everything in sight. He just finished eating ice cream blended with milk, and said: "I have to practice" (for what I'm not sure). To me it's an excuse to eat ice cream, which I fully endorse.

I'm happy because supposedly the thing grates cheese. I HATE grating cheese. I nearly lose about a pound of skin off the tips of my fingers every time I do so. If the Magic Bullet does in fact grate cheese the way the infomercial demonstrates, it'll be worth the $50 my hubby paid for it.

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