Baby Powder Saved My Bangs

Warning: girlie post.


I recently had bangs cut after being without them for about seven years (prior to that, had 'em my whole life).

It was fun for the first half hour or so: "Whooo!! I look ten years younger!! Why didn't I do this sooner!!"

Then I started remembering... the toque cowlicks, for one (ack). Aaaaand (giant groan) the worst part:

The Oily Bangs Thing.

Not so bad when you're twenty something, but when you're twenty years older than that... oily bangs can ADD ten years to your looks.

Thank GOD for the Internet, that's all I can say. I did a quick Google and read Reese Witherspoon's hairdresser's secret: baby powder!!! Ever since then, I've been dusting my bangs with baby powder as soon as they're dry, and it's worked like a charm.
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Drowsey Monkey said...

Oh yes, I've used that trick too ;) I remember back in the 70s we had "dry shampoo" which was basically powder marketed for oily hair. Never see it anymore tho.

JEANNE said...

Oh wow - never heard of it - interesting! I wonder why they don't sell it anymore?

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