Can You Imagine...

...if a rock slide like the one yesterday happens during the 2010 games??? Niiiice.

Seriously!!! What would they do? The alternative to the Sea To Sky Highway, if you need to travel between Vancouver and Whistler, is one of three things:

1) flying at high cost
2) ferry transport (using a dock that's been out of service for years)
3) driving for about eight hours

Kevin Falcon (ooh I wouldn't want to be him!!) is "very confident we'll have a situation in place to deal with these things...We will have contingency plans."

Ok... when? The games are less than 2 years away. Best get started on that now, folks.


Tobacco Fighting Cancer

Now there's a concept!! I read an interesting article today about a customized vaccine therapy using tobacco plants.

The cancer being studied is follicular B-cell lymphoma. The treatment method involves using a virus that attacks only tobacco plants, and altering that virus so that it contains DNA from a patient's cancer. The researchers then infect the plant with this cancer carrying virus, to generate the production, in the infected plant, of the protein antibodies also seen in the patient's tumor. The antibodies are then extracted from the plant and purified, and injected back into the patient.

Apparently the advantage of the plant based approach is that it's very fast (it takes about a week), whereas using animals to make vaccines can take months.

Imagine that... a healthy use for tobacco plants ;-)


I Still Love My Dog...


This time it's the clumpy chunks of shedded fur everywhere. Not just individual hairs, but giant, chair sized clumps (ok I exaggerate). If you think "oh, at least you can see those to pick them up, so it's easier to clean than single hairs" think again, because he also sheds single hairs.

Now because I truly do love my dog, I'll look at the upside.

(what, you mean now?) ok ok. Hang on a sec.

Still thinking.

Um... ok, well, thanks to ALL THAT FUR, he's super fun in the snow (being that he's a Spitz dawg and all ;-) He loves the snow as much as the kids and I do. If he didn't have a bum hip, I'd get at harness for our toboggan. The kids would have a riot, and puppy would be completely on board and enthusiastic.

Also, because I truly truly love my doggie, I will rise above and do my best to overlook the fact that we can't walk past any other doggies without mine going BALLISTIC. Given the fact that he's 70 pounds, that means that I have to grab his collar and use most of my strength to DRAG him past the scene of the action. Since this is not my idea of fun, this means that to walk him in peace, I have to wait until at least 11:00 pm, at which time most folks have already returned home from their dog walking duties.

The upside in this case is easier to identify: if you're a burglar scoping out a new neighbourhood and you see me and my crazy canine, you're likely to think "hmmm... that one looks vicious - I'll skip that house."

Plus I'm on a first name basis with all the staff at our local hospitals 'cause of all my recurring dislocated arm joints (again, I exaggerate).

Truthfully, I'd be lost without him. He's my third child. (No wait! That's my Canon 5D. The dog's my fourth child ;-)

In any case, as much as I complain, I couldn't be happier that we're his forever home :-)


A Dog And His Yucky Gross Slimy Things

I love my dog.

Not so much for the tennis balls he chews and salivates all over, and then sneaks in the house.

Yes, I know, that a slimy ball is better than live mice. And while my cat earns her keep through spider killing, my big ol' puppy dawg (70+ lbs) earns his keep by barking loudly when he hears strange sounds around the house.

It's all good. Except for the fact that he protects his balls (tennis ;-) like they were gold, and he hoards as many as he can in the dining room. Bottom line: watch your step, and be prepared to wash your hands after redepositing the balls to the back yard (oh and stand out of the way, because once a ball is thrown, he has no regard as to who or what he knocks over in his quest to chase it). Opening the sliding glass door is also helpful.

At the moment he has only one inside, underneath my chair. It was green when it came home from the store, and now it's an undefinable combination of dirt and dog spit colour. I'm supposed to pick that up???

Yes, I must love my dog.


Busted With Backlash

Phew, for a minute there I thought I lived in an inhumane world.

Luckily for my peace of mind, the NDP has given Kevin Falcon the reprimand he so sorely deserves after his inappropriate comments about the July 1st police suicide intervention and resulting traffic delays.

I agree that he should be forced to apologize. How are the police supposed to deal with future similar incidences if there is a precedent set that traffic flow has higher priority than human life?

(I wonder what the elderly lady who was rescued thinks of all this?)


Kevin Falcon Is Being Set Up...

...to look really, really bad by the press. That's the only explanation for his claiming to be irritated by being stuck in traffic, all so that the police could save a life.

Surely he can't really be that callous. (If it had been his mother on that bridge, would he not have gladly sat idling in his car for as long as it took?)

The sad reality is that so many people out there probably feel as he did, and are more focused on the six hour bridge closure rather than the fact that the woman was saved in the end.

End of post. I am too angry to write any more.


Ha! They Really DO Squeak.

Mice, that is. My fierce spider killer Manx has discovered that she is also adept at rodent nabbing. The only problem is, she likes to bring them into the house, still alive, so that she can play with them.

The first one found it's way into Alyssa's bedroom in a mad frantic attempt to escape the cat. Alyssa was amused and delighted (as was the cat!). Fortunately the mouse's visit in the house was short lived. My husband managed to chase it down the hall, into the kitchen, where it jumped into a box. From there he was able to set it free outside.

Today mouse and pursuer came through the front door (ha!! never will I be fooled again... I'll be thinking twice about letting her in next time she meows!!!). To make a long story short I had to move the basement suite fridge to catch Minnie, which prompted some squeaking. Poor thing. I hope I didn't injure it. In the end, I was able to box and release this one as well.

This is my new reality: the hot summer "oh my gosh open the door" weather has arrived at the same time as my cat's new hunting prowess. I think I'm going to start a mouse log. As of today, we're at two and counting...

Oh Canada...

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

Well, to carry on with that theme, I'm watching Canadian Idol at the moment. Not really sure what I think. There isn't really anyone I'm rooting for, because, uh, I'm not really sure if I like any of them. My husband and I both agree that in our opinion, this is the least appealing group of finalists since the show first aired several seasons ago. (Because, you know, I could do any better?? lol). What the heck, hand me a mike. I'll show everyone what bad really is ;-)

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