Driving In Spite of the Cost of Fuel

CTV has a poll on their website today asking respondents at which gas price increase point would they stop driving. As a non-driver, the answer is easy for me, but I was really surprised at the results of this poll; it really highlights how cars are such an integral a part of our current lifestyle.

I have a friend who falls into the last category of this poll (would never stop driving). Now I see that she's not alone!



Risk of Frost Tonight

You have GOT to be kidding me.

My poor tomato seedlings - they're dying (literally) to be transplanted outdoors. They're outgrowing the teeny tiny little pots I put them in, assuming they'd be outside by now. (sigh). At this rate I'm going to have to start everything else indoors as well, or we won't be eating any of it until September. What the heck, we have the basement. I can bring in a bunch of dirt, and make rows on the floor for the carrots and radishes...


They're Doing What With Our Luggage??

Scottsboro Ala. has a nickname of "the lost luggage capital of the world" because of their Unclaimed Baggage Center. Mishandled and unclaimed baggage ends up there, the contents sold off to bargain hunters who travel to visit the centre.

What I want to know is how the baggage gets there in the first place. Are there that many people who can travel with so many pieces of baggage that they don't claim one when it's lost? Have they forgotten about it?

The only other alternative is that the airlines are not being as thorough as necessary in finding the lost bags. Do NONE of the bags have ID tags? Is there no system in place to hold and back track the path of bags, no record of physical inventory to match up lost bags with descriptions from those filing claims?

This leads me to wonder if the airlines get a cut of the eventual resale of the baggage contents.

Seriously, I don't get it. Lost means GONE, not on the way to some claim centre with stocked shelves and priced contents, complete with a dry cleaning centre for all of the clothes. If they have the luggage to sell, then it's not lost. It's stolen.

In some countries, "lost" luggage eventually goes to charity. This, at least, is not a profit mongering scheme but a silver lining to an unfortunate mishap. However when something that is "lost" is eventually re-sold, I get a little suspicious.


This and That

What did I do without my laptop and wireless router? At the moment I'm watching the late news, downloading music and blogging at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking ;-)

Oh yes I'm also trying to stay awake, listening to my husband make toast in the kitchen, and fighting off a toffee craving. Hmmmm. I'm looking at my cat in his shirt (he has a wound on his shoulder that I'm trying to cover so that he won't lick or scratch - we now look like those people who dress their pets), and now eating the toffees. Listening to a song I've downloaded, and wishing I still had some toffees left...

Hey! It's midnight. I guess I'll publish this now...


Snow In April

OK it's happening. Snow.

I've given up trying to understand or predict... instead I'm just trying to remember where I put the mittens and scarves.



But... it's almost May!!!

I just saw the weather forecast (lower mainland, BC) and we could have SNOW this weekend. I just don't know what else to say about that...


Ok, I was wrong...

'Bye Kristy!! Too bad. I hope you get your horse back...

Omg, LOVE it... surfing other blogs and found this:


C'mon, everyone, vote!! (I voted yes)


My Idol Prediction

Ok so I'm notoriously bad at this. The contestants that I like never seen to do well (except for in season one - Kelly Clarkson was my favourite). This year David Cook and Kristy Lee Cook are my faves.

I was impressed by all of them tonight though. Mariah Carey - wow. I think Syesha did an amazing job - singing one of my favourite MC songs. I couldn't believe the judges going on about "not many people know that song" Really??? I don't know how you can be a Mariah fan and NOT have heard (and loved) Vanishing.

Anyway, enough procrastinating, Jeanne - pick one! Make a prediction! Ok. Who I think will be eliminated next is.... (drum roll):

Brook White

She's wonderful and absolutely real, but I think she's had better weeks. Dunno. I really can't decide at this point... I'm just choosing randomly...


Spelling Quiz

This is kind of fun... I want to link to the blog that I got it from but I can't find it now (page expired). Sorry :-(

Your Spelling is Perfect

You got 10/10 correct.

Your spelling is excellent. You also have a great memory and eye for detail.

First Post

Now that I'm addicted to blogging, let's see how many of these blogs I can keep up ;-) I wanted one that is not restricted to a certain subject matter, so here we go!

Thanks for stopping by :-)

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