Burnt The Chili. Now What?

I'm making another pot. It seems like such a waste, but DH has the most SENSITIVE taste buds in the entire universe and beyond.

I surfed a bit for some suggestions, and read about adding peanut butter to remove burnt flavour. I was desperate enough to try it, and sure enough the burnt taste is gone but now the chili tastes like peanut butter!! (and I only used about 2 tsp for a large pot). Um, yuck.

Sorry the-peanut-butter-saved-me fans. This isn't one of those "wow, it worked!!!" posts.

Correction - I just tasted it again. Not so much peanut butter now - instead, more like vomit. (At least if I had any doubts about cooking it over again, they're now gone ;)

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My Cat Is Still Special

Ah yes. The same cat who was leaving juice box straws in her food dish a couple of weeks ago has now taken up permanent residence on my kitchen counter. No amount of tossing her off appears to make any difference.

I tell myself that all the spider killing and lap cuddling is worth it, but sometimes, I tell ya...

What does she want? It's not like I keep open cans of tuna up there. More often than not, it's just some fliers, my open daytimer, and a dusting of spilled coffee grinds. (Maybe that's it... she's a caffeine addict! It would certain explain a lot of things).

On another cat related note - my husband has noticed that since he's been putting Canadian Springs water in their bowl, they've been drinking more. (We have two cats, and apparently we're so flush for funds that we feed them bottled water. It's Evian for my hair washing next.)

Still, if you're a Canadian Springs marketing person, you're linking to this post, ha ha. (On the other hand, seriously - what's wrong with our tap water??!!)

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Why My Cat Is "Special"

(Not sure what else to call her).

I had a cat that used to drink from a running tap as if it were a water fountain. I also own a cat who scoops up cat food with his paw and eats off his paw like a hand.

Then there's my other current cat.

She's, um, well let's just say she's in touch with her prey drive. (Did I ever blog about the LIVE mice she brought in the house one day? I'll have to look through my archived posts to see). Anyhoo. I'm learning a lot about cats and their prey drive - for instance, apparently what they "catch and kill" they store in their food dish.

At least this time it's not squeaking and wriggling, nor is it in any way icky. It's just funny, in a "omg you're so bizarre" kind of way. I babble... the picture says it best:

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I Love My Air Popcorn Popper, But What A Mess!!

Either I don't have the right size/shape bowl to sit beside my air popper, or it's design is a wee bit lacking. I say this because once it warms up and starts popping kernels, half of them end up blown around the room.

My solution? A paper towel held on by a bit of tape, to create a "tunnel" over the bowl. Works like a charm :)

Just thought I'd share...

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