Ruby Tuesday

Here's my Ruby Tuesday photo - it's a magnet from our fridge :-)

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Linnea W said...

Great close up shot. I used to have lots of magnets on my fridge until I got a new stainless steel one. Now I only have finger prints on it! Happy RT.

JEANNE said...

LOL then you'll be all set if anyone starts a "finger prints" meme ;-)

(I wish I had a stainless steel fridge. I'm getting there: so far I have a stainless toaster & dishwasher. Maybe next year for the fridge!)

Catherine said...

It is said that it brings happiness in France. So your house is protected !
Ar our home, we get some magnets but also many papers beneath !

People with Cameras said...

I think I have the exact same magnet...several of them! lol

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