Enough Fog!!

I have an issue with my visibility being impaired, but at least with blowing snow it's for a good cause. It ends up on the ground and you get to shovel (which I enjoy! strange I know), your kids can make snow men and snow forts, they can ride their toboggans, they can play outside, their boots are clean when they come in the house, your snow dog (husky cross) is happy happy happy, the evenings are brighter because everything is white, etc etc etc. I can go on and on ('cause I love the white stuff), but I won't.

We had a good run this winter on the south coast of BC. (I am hoping it's not over - shhh, don't tell my neighbours 'cause I think everyone else in the lower mainland is happy to see the snow gone). While they've all been complaining as we were blinded by endless falling snow, now it's my turn.

What's with the fog??? Seriously!! I can't see a flippin' thing. Grrr. It's all damp and clammy and icky... and it's so COLD!!! Honestly, the snow was warmer. I don't care what those weather people with their thermometers say. (Pffft. What do they know anyway ;-)

GET LOST FOG!! You are visibility obstruction with no purpose. Please please go away (and tell snow to come back, wouldya?)

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LadyBanana said...

Our weather is so boring compared to yours!

JEANNE said...

LOL ah yes, that is an upside (thank you for reminding me ;-) At least it's interesting. I like interesting weather as long as it's not too dangerous and no one gets hurt.

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