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I haven't had any ideas for a few days now, so I thought I'd write a post about that. More specifically, I thought I'd google "new post ideas" and share anything I found interesting:

1) Expand on previous posts.
Here's an awesome post at Problogger about a technique called mind mapping to create new posts from your previous ones. I particularly like the idea of expanding on previous posts because you can link back to them, creating more links within your site. I was so intrigued with this idea that I almost did that instead of continuing with this post ;)

2) Expanding on comments I've left on other people's blogs.
So many times I've started what was meant to be a short comment that turned into a mini-blog post in some one's comment section. From now on I'm going to try posting more and commenting a little less.

3) Browsing through forums and newsgroups can inspire a host of new topic ideas.

4) Here's a fabulous list at Patdoyle.com of other ways to generate some ideas, from writing book reviews to running polls.

OK, I think that should help me ;) Off I go...
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