I Still Love My Dog...


This time it's the clumpy chunks of shedded fur everywhere. Not just individual hairs, but giant, chair sized clumps (ok I exaggerate). If you think "oh, at least you can see those to pick them up, so it's easier to clean than single hairs" think again, because he also sheds single hairs.

Now because I truly do love my dog, I'll look at the upside.

(what, you mean now?) ok ok. Hang on a sec.

Still thinking.

Um... ok, well, thanks to ALL THAT FUR, he's super fun in the snow (being that he's a Spitz dawg and all ;-) He loves the snow as much as the kids and I do. If he didn't have a bum hip, I'd get at harness for our toboggan. The kids would have a riot, and puppy would be completely on board and enthusiastic.

Also, because I truly truly love my doggie, I will rise above and do my best to overlook the fact that we can't walk past any other doggies without mine going BALLISTIC. Given the fact that he's 70 pounds, that means that I have to grab his collar and use most of my strength to DRAG him past the scene of the action. Since this is not my idea of fun, this means that to walk him in peace, I have to wait until at least 11:00 pm, at which time most folks have already returned home from their dog walking duties.

The upside in this case is easier to identify: if you're a burglar scoping out a new neighbourhood and you see me and my crazy canine, you're likely to think "hmmm... that one looks vicious - I'll skip that house."

Plus I'm on a first name basis with all the staff at our local hospitals 'cause of all my recurring dislocated arm joints (again, I exaggerate).

Truthfully, I'd be lost without him. He's my third child. (No wait! That's my Canon 5D. The dog's my fourth child ;-)

In any case, as much as I complain, I couldn't be happier that we're his forever home :-)


Drowsey Monkey said...

Oh yes, the fur. I love my cats despite it too. I know what you mean about the clumps tho, I used to have a boarder collie ... lol.

Jeanne said...

We have two cats, so I know how you feel. What's worse than the hair with our cats though is the furniture clawing... arrgh!! lol

LoraLoo said...

I miss having a dog!! But I think my cat believes he is a dog sometimes, LOL. Problem is, he can't do that whole "OMG you were gone forever, where have you been, I missed you, I love you, I'm going to wag my tail until I'm out of breath" thing when you get home. Even if you were gone for 15 minutes.

Thanks for stopping by my place, I love seeing new faces!

Nikki said...

I have a corgi so I can totally empathize! ...and it doesn't matter how much you brush...it just keeps on coming!

(I've got 4 cats as well so yes, there have been times after playing on the floor, that my 2yr resembles a small sasquatch. ha!)

Leann I Am said...

I know just what you mean about all the hair. I 'doggysat' a German Shepherd and a Malamute for a few weeks earlier in the year. They were awesome dogs, but the Malamute actually got a guilty look on his face every time I vacuumed...and with good reason! Clumps of hair literally fell out as he walked. And we pulled out large clumps quite often, as his owner suggested. I guess it's easier to 'pluck' out the hairs that come loose, which stick out a bit further than the others.

My dog has SHORT HAIR, which still sheds but doesn't leave a TRAIL as she just walks by!

It sounds like you still have a pretty neat dog, though!

Jeanne said...

He's a good pup :-) I think he must be part malamute, 'cause I know what you mean about the clumps of fur falling out as they walk... lol

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