A Dog And His Yucky Gross Slimy Things

I love my dog.

Not so much for the tennis balls he chews and salivates all over, and then sneaks in the house.

Yes, I know, that a slimy ball is better than live mice. And while my cat earns her keep through spider killing, my big ol' puppy dawg (70+ lbs) earns his keep by barking loudly when he hears strange sounds around the house.

It's all good. Except for the fact that he protects his balls (tennis ;-) like they were gold, and he hoards as many as he can in the dining room. Bottom line: watch your step, and be prepared to wash your hands after redepositing the balls to the back yard (oh and stand out of the way, because once a ball is thrown, he has no regard as to who or what he knocks over in his quest to chase it). Opening the sliding glass door is also helpful.

At the moment he has only one inside, underneath my chair. It was green when it came home from the store, and now it's an undefinable combination of dirt and dog spit colour. I'm supposed to pick that up???

Yes, I must love my dog.


Drowsey Monkey said...

LOL ... Oh I remember having a dog. I say it's his toy ... let him pick it up, ;)

Jeanne said...

Yeah, lol... hey I wonder what other domestic chores I can train him to do? You might be on to something!! heh heh

Toni said...

Maddie loves her tennis balls as well. But we have to play with 3 at a time because she will not drop the one or two in her until she is running to retrieve another! She is pretty good about bringing them in - she occasionally sneaks one in .

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