Ha! They Really DO Squeak.

Mice, that is. My fierce spider killer Manx has discovered that she is also adept at rodent nabbing. The only problem is, she likes to bring them into the house, still alive, so that she can play with them.

The first one found it's way into Alyssa's bedroom in a mad frantic attempt to escape the cat. Alyssa was amused and delighted (as was the cat!). Fortunately the mouse's visit in the house was short lived. My husband managed to chase it down the hall, into the kitchen, where it jumped into a box. From there he was able to set it free outside.

Today mouse and pursuer came through the front door (ha!! never will I be fooled again... I'll be thinking twice about letting her in next time she meows!!!). To make a long story short I had to move the basement suite fridge to catch Minnie, which prompted some squeaking. Poor thing. I hope I didn't injure it. In the end, I was able to box and release this one as well.

This is my new reality: the hot summer "oh my gosh open the door" weather has arrived at the same time as my cat's new hunting prowess. I think I'm going to start a mouse log. As of today, we're at two and counting...


Leann I Am said...

That's funny! My cat is also a pretty good 'mouser.' They say that catching a mouse and bringing it in the house is like the highest compliment a cat can give you. It's still disgusting, though! Our kitty likes to bring them into the house and make it look like the scene of a real crime on my kitchen floor. He's taken a break (as far as I know!) but has been known to bring in two or three a night!

Just know that I feel your pain.

Jeanne said...

LOL thanks... it's good to know I'm not alone ;-)

As for the compliments, can't they just purr?? Bring us money, maybe??

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