Can You Imagine...

...if a rock slide like the one yesterday happens during the 2010 games??? Niiiice.

Seriously!!! What would they do? The alternative to the Sea To Sky Highway, if you need to travel between Vancouver and Whistler, is one of three things:

1) flying at high cost
2) ferry transport (using a dock that's been out of service for years)
3) driving for about eight hours

Kevin Falcon (ooh I wouldn't want to be him!!) is "very confident we'll have a situation in place to deal with these things...We will have contingency plans."

Ok... when? The games are less than 2 years away. Best get started on that now, folks.


Drowsey Monkey said...

I saw that on the news. scary.

Jeanne said...

Totally. Realistically, what are the chances of it happening in the small two week window of the Olympics, but if it actually DID... omg!!

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