Itsy Giant Spider...

...in my office!!!! BLECH. You know, those "wolf" ones that look like they could carry away your chair?

I can't squish them... they're just too big, and uh, easy to feel through the paper towel. I have to immobilize them first, then remove them. Last time it was a huge SPLOSH of hand cream, and a large zip lock freezer bag.

This time, however, the little monster was to fast, and scooted out of the way of the hand cream. It darted back behind my filing cabinet, and now there's a big blob of hand lotion soaking into the laminate ('sokay 'cause it's cheap stuff) because I'm too jumpy to get near it to clean it up, in case Stupid Head comes back out.


Luckily for me I have a wireless router and a laptop, so I'm upstairs in the living room instead of being at my desk. I will have to go back down there eventually though. Hmmm. Maybe if I bring a blow torch with me it'd be ok ;-)

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