Candy Is Dandy, But Coffee Is Quicker

I read an interesting article in the Vancouver Sun this morning. (I can't seem to link to it though - the only on-line version I can find looks like it's in Russian or something? Oops.)

Anyway, the gist of it was that people who are holding a warm beverage are more likely to warm up to a perfect stranger than if they are holding an iced beverage.

A study published in the journal Science showed that physical properties such as temperature can affect emotional reactions. They even go as far as to suggest that shoppers who want to resist impulse purchases brought on by pushy sales people could carry an icy can of pop in their pockets.

Hmmm! So if you suspect that someone wants something from you, and they bring you an nice hot cup of java, it may be better to leave it on the table rather than holding it in your hands...

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