Why My Cat Is "Special"

(Not sure what else to call her).

I had a cat that used to drink from a running tap as if it were a water fountain. I also own a cat who scoops up cat food with his paw and eats off his paw like a hand.

Then there's my other current cat.

She's, um, well let's just say she's in touch with her prey drive. (Did I ever blog about the LIVE mice she brought in the house one day? I'll have to look through my archived posts to see). Anyhoo. I'm learning a lot about cats and their prey drive - for instance, apparently what they "catch and kill" they store in their food dish.

At least this time it's not squeaking and wriggling, nor is it in any way icky. It's just funny, in a "omg you're so bizarre" kind of way. I babble... the picture says it best:

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LadyBanana said...

My neighbours cat drinks from a running tap, Mabel loves to watch the water but as of yet I've not seen her drink from it.

Eating from the paw, now that is unusual..lol

Jeanne Elle said...

Yeah it's pretty funny - he scoops up some food and nibbles it as he cradles it with his paw. It's somewhat annoying though 'cause lots of it ends up on the floor...

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