My Dog Is In The Bathtub

Not because he's dirty... noooo, you'd have to go outside to get dirty. MY dog is cowering inside the house, crouched down in the tub... 75 pounds of scardy-cat, trying to hide from the gusting, whistling wind.

I'm not sure what he thinks the tub will do for him. The upside, I suppose, is that he hasn't crawled into my lap (he crawled into my husband's lap a few years ago during a dog fight scene in "Snow Dogs"). Yes, it could be worse.

In his defense, we do have a couple of large trees by our house, and a couple of years ago the wind was bad enough here for trees to fall, slicing open rooves like they were butter. The worst of the damage for us was a tree that split in half in our bad yard - nothing touched our house (thank goodness). All the scary stuff was a in a neighbouring community and covered extensively on TV. Hmmm. I had no idea the dog had been watching ;-)
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