Bye Bye Bullet...

So our new Magic Bullet bit the dust. Of course it was me who was using it, so I get the fun poked at me.

I really don't think it was my fault. I was making a smoothie with milk, banana slices, and some chunks of VERY soft pear (it was delicious, btw), and all of a sudden during the blending process, it just quit. I tried every imaginable fix, including changing blades, changing electrical outlets, etc. etc., but it simply no longer works.

We bought it at Costco, which is at least one thing in our favour. I looked high and low (and everywhere in between!!) for the receipt but to no avail. To truly understand the irony in this you have to know that I keep EVERY receipt that comes into our house. I might need to start an anti-hoarding blog. The one time I actually need one of the silly things, and it's nowhere to be found. To add further insult to injury, my hubby's cigarettes receipt, also from the same day at Costco, is sitting right there on top of the black bookshelf.

"Neener neener neeeeeener!!! I'm from stinky cigarettes!!! You'll never need me for anything!!! Here I am right here!!!!"


Anyway, back to the "thing in our favour". It turns out that if you have all the original packaging (which we do, thanks to hoarder me!!) you don't need the receipt at Costco, 'cause they can scan the bar code.

I love that place....


LadyBanana said...

Just like me, I keep all the receipts.. and just like you, I usually can't find the one I need when I need it!

The blender sounds nice though, when it was working anyway!!

Jeanne said...

LOL, must be Murphy's Law ;-) I've decided to set up a "receipt tub" where my husband can dump them when he comes home so that they all start out in the same place, rather than me hunting everywhere for them. Hopefully that'll help for next time...

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