An Unexpected Effect Of The Pill

S0 I'm catching up on my reading - all my newspapers were saved for me while we were gone. This morning I read this article in the Sunday August 17th Province: "Pill Affects Sexiness Of Men's Scent".

I don't know about you, but I find this interesting (and slightly hilarious). Supposedly the way a woman's libido interprets a man's scent is influenced by whether or not she is on the pill, which can cause a woman's preferences to change when she goes on or off it.

Nature encourages a woman to be attracted to a man who is genetically different from her, in order to result in healthy offspring (you know, it's that old "don't have kids with your cousin" thing). Apparently this changes when women go on the pill: instead they become more attracted to genetically similar men.

So... could this actually play a part in the breakdown of relationships, as a women's scent preference is altered by a change in her pill usage? Hmmmm...

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