My Idol Prediction

Ok so I'm notoriously bad at this. The contestants that I like never seen to do well (except for in season one - Kelly Clarkson was my favourite). This year David Cook and Kristy Lee Cook are my faves.

I was impressed by all of them tonight though. Mariah Carey - wow. I think Syesha did an amazing job - singing one of my favourite MC songs. I couldn't believe the judges going on about "not many people know that song" Really??? I don't know how you can be a Mariah fan and NOT have heard (and loved) Vanishing.

Anyway, enough procrastinating, Jeanne - pick one! Make a prediction! Ok. Who I think will be eliminated next is.... (drum roll):

Brook White

She's wonderful and absolutely real, but I think she's had better weeks. Dunno. I really can't decide at this point... I'm just choosing randomly...

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